Air Conditioner

Central air conditioning controller

产品编号: TE-01-89
Central air conditioning controller has multi - speed, LCD display, timing switch machine and other functions.

Operating principle

      The refrigerating machine compresses the refrigerant into liquid through the compressor and sends it to the
evaporator for heat exchange with the chilled water to refrigerate. The refrigerating pump sends the chilled water
to the cooling coil at the draught of each fan, and the fan blows the refrigerant to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Product function

1、High wind, medium wind, low wind, temperature adjustment
2、Refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, air supply
3、Large screen LCD display, dual temperature display mode
4、With clock, remote control, blue backlight
5、Power off data memory function
6、Automatic fault detection function
7、Efficient compressor, energy-saving and comfortable
8、Operation status monitoring

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