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LED lamp intelligent controller

产品编号: TE-01-27
Type of Assembly:SMT&DIP
Processing method:OEM generation of materials
Daily processing capacity:500000 points
Layer:1-12 Layers
Copper Thickness:1OZ
Board Thickness:16MM
Testing Service:100%

Hardware technology

1、The hardware of this controller is mainly divided into two parts
1) Core signal control board, referred to as core board or master board.To download the stored data program
and run the data program.
2) Power output board, referred to as power board or sub-board.It is used to receive the signal sent by the
motherboard and output the power to control the light.
2、This controller has three controllers with different output ports, respectively;8 channel, 16 channel and 24
channel output ports are different from the controller price of output ports. Users can choose them according
to the use situation.
3、This controller adopts computer software programming and updates data in the controller by downloading
programs via USB, which is safe and reliable.
4、Controller wiring instruction: this controller is the common positive pole, and the common positive pole shall
be connected to the positive pole terminal of this controller.It can be divided into 8, 16 and 24 output terminals.

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